Safety Bulletin

Dear Members/End of Season Guests:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. To ensure our continued enjoyment, I am writing to the membership to remind ourselves of the following basic aspects of pool behavior that are designed to guarantee a  healthy and safe time at LFSC:

1. Members, their children or guests should not eat outside of the designated picnic area.

2. Montgomery County regulations prohibit patrons from entering the pool water if patrons are not demonstrably Water-Safe or under the Immediate Supervision of a Water-Safe person.”Water safe” means being able to swim and capable of exercising proper judgment in taking action for self-preservation under emergency conditions.  “Immediate supervision” means that a Water-Safe person is no more than arm’s length from and continually observing a non Water-Safe person.  Our tadpole test is sufficient to demonstrate that a child can swim.  Once a child passes that test, parents or supervising adults need not get in the water with them. 

3. The wading pool is not monitored by the lifeguards. Therefore, non-swimmers must be attended at all times. Children over 6 years old are not allowed in the wading pool (including during adult swim).

4. Our regulations stipulate that divers take no more than one bounce on the diving board. Lifeguards have been reminded that these rules should and will be enforced at all times.

Thank you,

Joe Callicott

Safety Committee

LFSC Board

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