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Racquet/Pickleball News

Pickleball League

A group of clubs in the area is forming a co-ed adult pickleball league and Little Falls has been invited to enter a team. The league is modeled on the men’s and women’s tennis leagues. Matches will take place on Sunday evenings from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Each match against another club would include a combination of men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

If you’re interested in joining the team, or have questions, please contact John Thompson.


Men’s Tennis Ladder

Now that Spring has sprung, we are planning to relaunch one of our successful pandemic innovations – the Little Falls Men’s Singles Tennis Ladder. Last year we had more than 25 participants and we are hoping for even more! A ladder is a great and casual way for those looking to elevate or hone their skills to find tennis partners from among the membership. A ladder is a system that lists and ranks a group of tennis players. It is also a great way to just meet new players and have fun. Many folks who played as part of the ladder also played doubles and even pickleball.

The basic concept for those unfamiliar is that players are arranged like rungs of a ladder. Players can challenge one another to a match. As a player wins or loses, the player moves up or down in position on the tennis ladder. The goal of a tennis ladder is to be at the top, but our goal is also to help connect people for matches and to spur some friendly competition.

If there are any men who are interested in participating, please contact volunteer ladder coordinator Glenn Kaminsky. Ladder participation is limited to Equity Members, Senior Emeriti, and Full Season Guests.