Dear End of Season Guest,

We welcome you to enjoy swim privileges at Little Falls Swimming Club from July 23 through Closing Day, September 18! As an End of Season Guest, you will have access to the Club’s pool only (not the tennis courts). Please read this message carefully to make the most of your swim privileges and to make sure that you adhere to the pool policies.

Now is the time to login to manage your account to make sure that all information for you and your immediate family members living at home (please remove children who have “left the nest” and have their own residence) is complete. Make sure all adults on the account have personal (not work) email and phone numbers listed. Having emails on the Account Details screen makes it possible for the pool to send updates. All communication is sent by email so please add the pool address ( to your contacts so that messages do not land in your spam folder.

If missing, please upload a headshot photo for each account member before the start of the season to complete your ID. With photos in your account there is no need to bring IDs to the pool. You must check in each time you visit the pool. Be sure that you have an emergency contact listed who is not an account member and check that birth dates are listed for everyone.

Immediate family members who live with you in your home (not extended houseguests) are included in your season dues. All other individuals in your household (caregivers, au pairs, cousins, exchange students, and children who have “left the nest”—except for college students who may remain on your account) must be registered for the season. A caregiver must be registered in order to accompany your children to the pool regardless of whether they swim (for the pool to comply with insurance regulations).

A caregiver may not visit the pool without an account member and the account member must remain at the pool for the duration of their visit. End of Season Guests may not purchase Daily Guest Passes because they are guests of the pool. The caregiver option is provided as a way to accommodate the childcare needs of families. This is not to be an avenue for membership sharing with extended family or friends.

Beginning July 23, End of Season Guests may schedule swim and dive lessons with the Red Cross Lifeguard Certified instructors listed on our website (you must be logged into your account to view the list). Payment and scheduling for lessons should be coordinated directly with the instructor.

Be sure to become familiar with the Rules and Regulations. Please contact if you have any questions. As End of Season Guests, your family’s access to the pool begins Saturday, July 23. Once again, we welcome you and hope you will enjoy the season!

– The Little Falls Swimming Club Board of Directors