Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of LFSC Board Meeting—March 8, 2022
via Zoom

Board members present:

Fred Atwood, Matt Berzok, David Cutitta, Lara Goldmark, Nancy La Vigne, Maren Matal, Phil Petrilli, Steve Volkers, Matt Wexler, Eric Zuckerman (10 of 11)
Others present: Cathy Stocker (immediate past president), Linda Karson (LFSC’s administrator), Bruce Schaper, of Lighthouse (LFSC’s pool management company)

I.   Welcome and introductions – Members introduced themselves.

II.  Select Officers and Committees – Cathy Stocker, immediate past president, nominated the following people to serve as LFSC Board officers: Steve Volkers, president; David Cutitta, vice president, Nancy La Vigne, secretary, Lara Goldmark, treasurer. Board members voted approval of this slate unanimously.

III.  Pool staffing update – Bruce Schaper reported that he has received 15 apps to date. Sent a reminder email earlier that day, lots of openings, expect an increase in applications since deadline isn’t until March 15. Board members clarified that Lighthouse will be prioritizing returning guards and new applicants from the LFSC community.

IV.  Discussion and approval of Standard Motions for 2022 – the Board approved the motions unanimously, making the following material changes:

  • Identified roles for each Board member (complete list pasted below)
  • Corrected the pool closing date to September 18 (unless extended);
  • Extended Full Season Guests to up to 125 from up to 100;
  • Extended Early Bird to 8:30am during swim and dive season; and
  • Increased End of Season Dues from $250 to $325.


President Steve Volkers
Vice President David Cutitta
Secretary Nancy La Vigne
Treasurer Lara Goldmark
Assistant Treasurer Matt Wexler


Committee Chair Co-chair
Operations Eric Zukerman Nancy La Vigne
Membership Kara Maciel Steve Volkers
Communications Nancy La Vigne
Buildings & Grounds Fred Atwood Phil Petrilli
Tennis David Cutitta Matt Wexler
Social Matt Berzok Kara Maciel
Community Liaison Maren Matal Cathy Stocker (non-Board rep)
Swim & Dive Team Liaison Matt Berzok Phil Petrilli


Administrator Linda Karson
Bookkeeper Kathryn Eliscar
Lighthouse Bruce Schaper
Dennis Witol

V.  Finance update – Lara gave an update on the signed audited financials, which have been distributed, and the budget that the last Board voted to approve. Lara wants to look at the numbers each month and make the budget more intuitive. The Board agreed that contractors should not be present during budget discussions.

VI.  Swim & Dive teams – The Board discussed three items – practice times, competition rules, and coaches’ salaries:

  1. They agreed to a proposed change in the practice schedule, with practice starting weekdays at 8:30am instead of 8:00am and starting at 3:30pm in the afternoons. The change in the morning start time will enable us to extend early bird swim for a half an hour, which Bruce Schaper confirmed is feasible from a staffing perspective.
  2. They agreed with the decision to enable End of Season Guest family kids who join the swim team to compete at all meets including “A meets” – a decision that was presented to the Montgomery County Swim Leagues Rules Committee and garnered no objection.
  3. The Swim Team reps recommend hiring the current Head Coach of American University Swim Team, Garland Bartlett, to be the Head Coach of the Penguins this summer and requested approval of her salary request of $10K. They propose to hire the following positions with associated compensation:

Head Coach:                               Garland Bartlett                                    $10K

Assistant Head Coach:              2 @ $4k/each                                        $8K

Assistant Heac Coach 8 &Under/Pre-Team/Nestling: 1 @$4k                $4K

Assistant Coaches:         4 @ $3k/each; 2@ $2k/each                           $16K

Junior Coaches: ~ 5, free registration, SSL hours, bonus

Total swim coach salaries:                                                                      $38K

They plan to charge $185/swimmer for registration X 206 (last year’s enrollment) = ~ $38k so should break even.

The dive rep proposed to have coach Sarah Halperin return this year at a salary of $6,100; she will be supported by 2-3 assistants paid at $15-16/hour depending on experience (approximately $3k total for all assistant coaches). With an estimated total 75 registrants at $160/per = $12k, we should break even after paying the league fee, insurance, etc.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the swim and dive coaches budgets up to $50k for the 2022 season.

VII.  Building and Grounds – Dave reported that the pump was replaced and described the proposed plan to upgrade our security cameras in three phases:

Phase 1 – upgrade existing cameras that are hard wired to replace with high resolution system that has software that reduced false alarms owing to animal interlopers.

Phase 2 – replace Arlo cameras because batteries die quickly – hard wire cameras instead – 7 cameras in total.

Phase 3 – add two cameras to tennis courts and replacing camera on bridge with a hardwired camera. Recent incident of someone cutting the cable off the tennis courts. The tennis cameras can’t reach the wifi so would need to dig a trench and lay cables in ground.

The Board voted unanimously to approve spending up to $17k to cover the costs of the camera upgrade (estimated at $15,495).

VIII.  Tennis – the Board voted unanimously to approve the replacement of pickle ball nets at a cost of up to $1k.

IX.  Bridge replacement planning update – Cathy Stocker reported that she has a meeting with John Chadwick, project manager consultant, on the bridge feasibility study tomorrow and will report back to the Board soon after.

X.   Adjourn – the Board voted to adjourn at 10:29pm and Steve reminded all Board members to sign a new conflict of interest form and to make note that the next Board meeting with be Wednesday, April 6 at 7:30pm via Zoom.