Parking Policy

We encourage members to walk or bike to the Club. The Club operates as a special exception (called “conditional use”) under the zoning laws of Montgomery County.  These restrictions are part of the Club’s operating agreement with Montgomery County and violation of them may subject the Club to the risk of severe penalties including cancellation of our right to operate.

Pool members and their guests are not permitted to park on Glen Cove Parkway, Allan Terrace, Baltimore Avenue, and Little Falls Drive in order to use the Club’s facilities (see map below). This parking restriction is in effect at all times when the facility is in use, including during swim and dive meets, playing tennis or attending Club social events. The Club will strictly enforce these restrictions and a member’s violation will result in sanctions in accordance with the enforcement procedures set forth below.

No parking at any time on these streets

Club members and their guests may park in the Westbrook Elementary School parking lot; while school is still in session parking in the Westbrook Elementary School lot by members and their guests is not permitted. Please note that a Member’s guests are bound by this parking policy, and penalties may be imposed on a member whose guest has violated this condition.





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