Community Liaison Committee (CLC)

Welcome to the Community Liaison Committee of Little Falls Swimming Club (LFSC). In the May 18, 2005 Montgomery County Board of Appeals’ opinion’s finding, Little Falls Swimming Club was enjoined to do the following:

  • LFSC shall establish a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) whose members shall consist of three to four representatives of the swim club, up to four representatives of the neighborhood, including one from each of the streets that is most heavily impacted, and the People’s Counsel for Montgomery County as an ex officio member. The CLC shall, at a minimum, meet once during the first or second week of May each year, and once each month during the months of June, July, August and September if requested by any member.
  • Current members of the swim club board shall be permitted to serve on the committee only as swim club representatives, not as community representatives. Neighbors who are not members of the swim club have first priority for membership on the committee as community representatives.

Each year, LFSC has constituted a CLC to improve communications between the Club, membership and the neighbors in the adjoining community. Through this page and direct engagement as requested, the LFSC Board will communicate with the CLC and the LFSC’s neighbors and members, highlighting issues of community interest. Also be sure to check the pool website calendar for updated event information, Swim and dive meets will be posted along with Club social events and holiday picnics as they are scheduled. If you are not a member of the Club and would like to serve on the CLC, or have questions, we encourage you to contact us at

2024 Community Liaison LFSC Board representatives:  John Drake and Tom Schmalenberg (

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2005 – Montgomery County Pool Usage Decision

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