Applying for Membership

You must live within the geographic boundaries served by Little Falls Swimming Club to add your name to the wait list. Complete the online application (subject to verification of eligibility) and submit the $70 non-refundable application fee (does not include the transaction fee charged by our payment processor). Only online applications and payments accepted (checks cannot be accepted).

Geographical restriction

To apply to the pool, your primary residence must be in that part of Bethesda enclosed by the combination of these two boundaries. (A map of the boundary is included on the application form).:

1. Commencing on the west side of River Road at Little Falls Parkway, proceed west along the south side of Little Falls Parkway until it intersects with Massachusetts Avenue, then proceed south along the east side of Massachusetts Avenue until it intersects with Western Avenue, N.W., then proceed east along the north side of Western Avenue, N.W. until it intersects with Cortland Road, then proceed north along Cortland Road as if it continued to Willard Avenue (so as to include all of the houses on Sherrill, Saratoga, and Baltimore Avenues and on both sides of Cortland Road), then proceed along the south side of Willard Avenue to River Road, then proceed along the west side of River Road to Little Falls Parkway to the point of origin; and

2. The area that lies west (and south) of Massachusetts Avenue, east of the Little Falls Creek, and within 4,000 feet of the Club property


There is a long wait list for joining the pool.  Please read more about the waitlist, and how your position on it is determined.

Membership options and costs

When we contact you to advise that you are next in line to be Equity Membership, you have three options: 1) accept and pay the equity share ($3000) plus a nonrefundable initiation fee of $110 and annual summer dues (fee in effect that season);  2) accept and pay the equity share ($3000) and the inactive fee* ($250); or 3) decline. If you decline you can choose to go back on the waitlist, but you will go back to the bottom and start over.

Sometimes this offer comes at an inconvenient time, for example, after you have already made a commitment to another pool. To be fair to others on the waitlist, a decision may be needed almost immediately if the offer falls during the season dues registration window.

Your total equity in the pool is refunded to you when you resign.

* Inactive status is designed and intended to be used in limited situations where a member will be away for the season and therefore desires to relinquish all access to the Club and it’s facilities (e.g., taking a temporary job in another state or country). Once you choose inactive status for the season, note that no changes can be made to your account to allow you access to the Club.

How we notify you

We always contact you in writing (by email) and/or by phone to offer Equity Membership. In the time that lapses between your application and the call, people often move or change phone numbers. It is your responsibility to keep the club informed of your email address, especially if you go overseas. You should provide contact information (email and phone numbers) for each adult member of your household. If you are unable to update information, contact We ask that you add to your contacts as a safe sender.

Updated 2/12/2024