Senior Emeritus Guest Pass Program (only available to Full Equity Members)

Welcome to the Little Falls Swimming Club’s Senior Emeritus Guest Pass (“Emeritus Pass”) program.  The Emeritus Pass was created in 2013 and allows current Full Equity members aged 55 and older to resign their membership while retaining swim and tennis privileges on a limited basis.

To take advantage of the Senior Emeritus Pass, please return to the home page and click the Forms tab, then Resignation Form or click here to complete your resignation from the Club. (You will be required to log into your account before completing the Resignation Form.) After your eligibility for the Pass is verified by the Membership team, you will receive a check representing your equity within two weeks.

In order to maintain eligibility for the Emeritus Pass, you will need to renew your pass annually.  Eligibility for the Emeritus Pass is not the same as membership; to rejoin as a member you would need to reapply as a new member.  Once you resign from the Club you have no obligation to purchase an Emeritus Pass.  You will, however, lose your future Emeritus Pass privileges if you decide not to renew at any point.

Benefits of the Emeritus Pass Program:

  • Emeritus Pass holders receive 20 visits per season to be used at the pool or tennis courts
  • An additional 10-visit guest card may be purchased to use for yourself or to bring friends and family. These do not convey to the following year. A single guest pass can be used on a weekday or a weekend.
  • You are encouraged to come to all social events (social events do not count as redemption of a visit).

Please email our Membership Chairs, Kristin McNavage or John Crupi, (membership) if you have any additional questions about the Emeritus Pass or are not sure if it is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Senior Emeritus Pass (SEP) and how can I apply for it?

Any current member who is 55 years of age, or has a spouse who is 55 years of age, is eligible for the “SEP”. This includes active members, inactive members, Full Members and Associates.

What is the cost for Senior Emeritus Pass (SEP) for the 2017 season?

The cost for the pass for the 2017 season is $300.

How many times can an SEP use the pool and/or tennis courts?

You will receive 20 total visits. You may purchase an additional 10-visit guest pass. These visits may be used at the pool or the tennis courts. Visiting the tennis court and pool on the same day counts as one visit. The 20 visits are for use by the Emeritus Pass Holder or a member of your household. You may use the optional 10-visit guest pass (if purchased) for you, your household members and guests. Early bird swim does not “count” as the redemption of a visit. Emeritus members are also welcome at all social events and will not be assessed as a visit. Visits will be tracked through the front desk check-in process. Your unused visits and purchased unused guest pass visits do not carry over to the following year.

Who can use SEP privileges?

The 20 pool visits granted by the SEP pass must be used in the year issued, and, may only be used by household members listed on your profile. SEP’s may purchase one 10-visit guest pass to use for themselves, friends and non-household family members; these additional purchased guest passes will not carry over from year to year.

As a Senior Emeritus Pass holder may I chose to be inactive this year?

No. The SEP program is an extension of limited pool privileges for former senior members who have resigned their membership. Your SEP pass must be renewed each year to keep your affiliation with the Club. If you chose to not renew your SEP privileges they will not be re-offered to you in subsequent years.

If you anticipate that you will be need more than 20 total visits this summer, the Senior Emeritus Pass is not the right pass for you.