Frequently Asked Questions

(If you have questions not listed below, please contact the appropriate Board Member–emails can found at the main menu, Pool Board and Management).

Wait List Questions:

How long will I be on the wait list? Membership to Little Falls Swim and Tennis Club is capped at 377 total. In any given year, a limited number of Equity Memberships may come available; the number varies year to year. To give you some idea of the range, historically, people living closest to the pool have about a 6 year wait; people living at the outer edge of the catchment area may have an 8 year wait.

How do I find out where I am on the wait list? Once a year, all applicants on the wait list will be provided with an annual status update, as soon as practical, following the admission of new members. If you do not receive notification of your wait list status by the end of the season, please contact us. View the 2018 Wait List Rankings.

Why does it take so long to get into Little Falls and what is the Board doing to shorten the wait? LFSC operates under a special permit (“conditional use”) with Montgomery County which strictly limits the number of memberships available to 377 total. The cap on membership coupled with low turn-over of members who tend to stay in the neighborhood for a considerable period of time are factors which impact the unusually long waiting list compared to other pools in the area. The Board has instituted several measures to address the long waiting period, including the creation of Associate Memberships, and offering limited Extended and End of Season Guest swim privileges. All members who joined after 2004, must relinquish their membership if they move out of the neighborhood/catchment areas.

Extended & End of Season Guests:

If we are offered Extended or End of Season Guest swim privileges and choose to not accept, does that affect our standing on the wait list? No. Acceptance of the Extended or End of Season Guest swim privileges, if offered, is entirely optional. It does not affect your wait list status either positively or negatively as long as you respond to the offer.

If we were offered Extended or End of Season Guest swim privileges last year are we automatically eligible for an Associate Membership this year? No. The number of Associate Memberships that are available at the start of the season varies depending on how many existing

If we were offered Extended Season Guest swim privileges can we opt for End of Season Guest swim privileges instead (or vice versa)? No. The number of slots for each category is limited and the offers are made based on wait list rank.

We paid End of Season Guest season dues, how do we use the pool? The swim privileges are good starting August 1 until the pool closes for the season. Each time you go to the pool you will need check-in at the front desk. Please be aware that since you are guests of the Board, you are not able to bring guests. The exception is if you have paid the additional fee for a caregiver.

Membership Questions:

What’s the difference between Equity Membership and an Associate Membership? The Club has 377 Full Members who have equity in the Club. With Equity Membership, a member is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and vote on pool matters. An Equity Membership is available whenever an Equity Member resigns. Associate Members may not run for the Board or vote on pool matters but otherwise have full use of the pool and tennis courts. The number of Associate Members varies year to year.

If I was an Associate Member last year, am I an Associate Member this year? Not necessarily. An Associate Membership is available whenever an Equity Member opts to go inactive for the season. In theory, if a large number of inactive members “reactivated” we would need to reduce the number of Associate Memberships. In practice — that has never happened.

Do I have to accept the Equity Membership when it is offered to me? At the time Equity Membership is offered, you must either accept or decline the offer. If you decide to decline the offer, the Club will terminate your Associate Membership status and refund the equity share that you paid when you became an Associate. Under the bylaws you are not permitted to remain an Associate if you decline this Equity Membership offer

What are Senior Emeritus swim privileges and how can I apply for them? Any active or inactive current Equity Member who is 55 years of age, or has a spouse who is 55 years of age, is eligible for Senior Emeritus swim privileges. Click here for details on Senior Emeritus swim privileges.

If I choose to go inactive this season, can I change my mind mid-summer? No. Once a member opts for inactive status, we create an Associate slot for someone at the top of the wait list. Once that Associate position is filled, it is not possible to allow the members to “reactivate” for that summer. The member can choose active status the following summer.

Can adult children sign-in using their parent’s membership? If the adult child is living in their parent’s home and is listed in the Membership database, s/he may use the parent’s membership. However, it is strongly encouraged that the adult child apply for his/her own membership if planning to stay in the neighborhood for an extended period of time. If the adult child does NOT live with his/her parents, the membership does not cover their use of the pool and a guest pass must be purchased and debited per visit.

My parents were members but have recently passed away. Do I inherit their membership? Membership may not be “inherited.” The membership will be returned to the Club and the equity value returned to the estate. You will need to submit a membership application for yourself.

I am renting from people who are members, but who are living overseas. Can I use the homeowner’s membership? No. Membership does not convey with a property, either to renters or to subsequent owners.

I have just bought a house in the neighborhood and the sellers were members. Did their membership convey with the house? No. Membership is not attached to the property but to the family. If you would like to apply to join the Club, please complete the online application and submit it with the one-time application fee.

Why do some members have different levels of equity shares? For example, my neighbor said she initially paid only $375 in equity when she joined, but I had to pay $1,000–why the difference? The original base amount of equity paid for a share has changed over time. In 1955 the charter equity payment for a member was $285. In 2016 the membership voted to increase the cost of each of the 377 shares by $2,000 in preparation of the pool renovation. This cost was added to the base amount of the share that each member had originally paid. For example, a charter member would now have $2,285 in equity, while a recent member would have $3,000. Eighty-two percent of the members have paid the current share price. When a member resigns, s/he receives a refund of whatever equity s/he had in the Club.

Updated 8/23/2018