Little Falls Swimming and Tennis Club 2023 Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Little Falls Swimming and Tennis Club 2023 summer season. The safety of our members and their guests is our highest priority and our goal is to provide all members and guests with a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience at the Club this year.

–2023 Board of the Little Falls Swimming and Tennis Club


  • General
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Parking Policy
  • Sanitary Conditions and Safety
  • Guest Fees


Club: Pool, tennis courts, parking lot, and grounds.

Members: Equity Members and Senior Limited Use Pass accounts.

Guests: Daily, Caregiver, Senior Emeritus, Senior Emeritus (Legacy), Full Season Guest, and End of Season Guest.

Pool: Area enclosed by fence including pool, deck, pool house, grass areas, etc.

Pool Management: Pool manager, assistant manager, lifeguards.

2023 Rules and Regulations: 


All persons using Little Falls Swimming Club’s pool, tennis courts, parking lot, and grounds (collectively the “Club”) do so at their own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility, and members, their dependents and/or their guests can have no claim against the Club for an accident or injury to any persons or property.

The Board reminds Club members and their guests that access to the club grounds is not permitted through private properties which abut the Club grounds to the south. Access to the Club is via the vehicular/pedestrian bridge from Little Falls Drive, the pedestrian bridge from Glen Cove or along the alleyway from Greenway Drive only.

After hours, the Club is closed and may not be used or accessed by anyone including members. The Club is monitored by video surveillance, staff, and the police. Trespassers will be prosecuted. In addition to criminal penalties that may apply, any member (including the member’s family, caregivers and/or guests) caught entering or attempting to enter the pool enclosure or tennis courts outside of the noted Hours of Operation may, at the Board’s sole discretion, temporarily or permanently lose membership privileges.


Immediate family members who live with you in your home are included in your season fees. College students may remain on your account. Please remove children who have “left the nest” and have their own residence.

Caregivers must be registered for $150 per person for the season. A caregiver must have a reservation in order to accompany your children to the pool regardless of whether they swim (for the pool to comply with insurance regulations). A caregiver may not visit the pool without an account member and the account member must remain at the pool for the duration of their visit.

Extended houseguests (relatives, exchange students, au pairs, etc.) must reside in the account member’s household and be registered for $150 per person for the season. A houseguest may not visit the pool without an account member and the account member must remain at the pool for the duration of their visit.

The pool provides the caregiver/houseguest option as a way to accommodate the childcare needs of families and for those who have people residing with them who are not immediate family members. This is not to be an avenue for membership sharing with family or friends who do not reside in your household.

Daily Guest Passes

You may use $5 Daily Guest Passes (valid all days) for intermittent houseguests and caregivers. You are encouraged to purchase Daily Guest Passes online in advance so they are available on your account when your family brings visitors. Purchases made at the pool for Daily Guest Passes will be “on your account” so the guards will no longer collect payments. Note that we are piloting the option to allow Full Season Guests to purchase a maximum of 20 guest passes for the season (guest passes may be purchased at any time, but please purchase and use no more than 20). End of Season Guests may not purchase Daily Guest Passes. Unused Daily Guest Passes remain on your account for future seasons.

Guest Passes are not required for children under the age of 3 years. Guests will be admitted only when accompanied by an active Equity Member in good standing or a Senior Limited Use Pass Equity Member, Senior Emeritus (Legacy), or Senior Emeritus account holder. Guest passes are non-transferable and are forfeited when a pool account is closed.


Children ages 7 – 9 must be supervised by someone age 14 or older who must accompany and remain with the child at all times, unless:

  • The parent or guardian has completed the Unattended Children form; and
  • The child has passed the 2023 tadpole test administered by a Club lifeguard.

Children over the age of 10 who have passed the 2023 tadpole test may come to the pool without supervision.

Children who are not toilet-trained may not use the main pool. Children in diapers must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the pool and wear diapers diapers covered with securely fitted waterproof pants while in the wading pool to avoid fouling the water. If the water is fouled, Montgomery County Health Department Regulations require that the pool be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes for high chlorinating.


All Guests using the pool, regardless of age, may be asked to take a lifeguard-administered swim test before using the pool. If a Guest opts out of the test, s/he may not use the main pool or diving well. The Club may from time to time administer additional swimming proficiency tests to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Subject to the front desk attendants’ discretion, non-members in street clothes will be admitted for up to ten minutes to pick up members in their care.

The Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, or any Board member shall have the authority to close the pool and/or tennis courts, or any other facility, when in his or her opinion this is necessary in the interest of safety.

Pool Management shall have the authority to enforce health and safety regulations and to maintain good order. This shall include the authority to discipline and/or eject offenders from Club property. Lifeguards will enforce suspensions against unruly children, which can last one day or can be extended for longer than one day with the Club’s Board approval.

No diving is allowed off the sides of the main pool, except as permitted by the Swim and/or Dive Team coaches as part of practices, meets, or lessons. Diving off the sides of the intermediate pool is not allowed at any time.

Pool games are permitted at the discretion of the Pool Management so long as they do not create a disturbance or cause danger to others using the pool. Water guns, of any size, are not permitted.


General Hours of Operation

  1. The Pool will open for the season at 10:00am on Saturday, May 27, 2023.
  2. The pool will close at 6:00pm on Independence Day, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.
  3. The pool will be open from 11:00am until 8:30pm on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2023.
  4. The Pool will close for the season at 6:00pm Sunday, September 17, 2023, unless extended.
  5. Between June 10 – July 22, when there are home ‘A’ team swim meets on Saturdays, the pool will open for members’ use at Noon or as soon as the meet has ended. During the same time period, on Wednesday afternoons, the pool will close at 5:00pm for home ‘B’ team swim meets. Please check the Club website for the home meet schedules.
  6. Special pool opening and closing times (for swim meets, adult parties, etc.) will be communicated to members by sending email updates. You may check the website and calendar for updates on fun social events, special hours, and other activities. Our Twitter account will post special opening times and weather-related closings, but you don’t need a Twitter account – you’ll see our Tweets on the website.

See Hours of Operation.

On weeknights and weekend days when there are home dive and swim meets, the pool will be closed for general use until the conclusion of the meets. See website calendar for home meet dates.

Early Bird Swim Hours of Operation

Early Bird Swim is for lap swimming only and only those age 16 and older will be admitted. No Daily Guests will be admitted during Early Bird Swim.

See Hours of Operation.

Main Pool & Intermediate Pool

– The Main Pool and Intermediate Pool are only open for swimming when there is a lifeguard on duty.

– Running on the decks is strictly prohibited.

The main pool corner steps are for entering and leaving the pool. No one is permitted to sit on the steps. Access to and from the pool cannot be blocked.

The main pool is intended for the use of adults and children tall enough to stand safely in the water.

The main pool and intermediate pool will be cleared for a 15-minute period of each hour for adult swimming only (16 years or older) beginning 15 minutes before the hour. During adult swim, children 6 years and older who have been using the main pool may not use the wading pool. There is no adult swim at 8:45pm.

Two or more lanes, as required, will be roped off for sustained lap swimming except during swim team practices or other scheduled activities.

Wading Pool

– The wading pool is not staff-supervised. A responsible adult must stay with each child within the enclosed area by the wading pool at all times.

The wading pool is intended for the use of children under the age of 6 years, or those children who cannot stand safely in the main pool.

Diving Well

While the diving board is in use, swimming is not permitted in the diving well. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any time. Divers may take one bounce and shall exit the water via the ladder.


The tennis courts can be used by active Equity Members and their guests. The gates are to be kept locked whenever the courts are not in use. Members can receive the lock code from the front desk or by logging into the website Tennis page.


Only one person may use the backboard at a time.

Hours of Operation

Days Tennis Courts Backboard (Court 2)
Monday – Friday 7:00am – Dusk 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 7:00am – Dusk 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am – Dusk 10:00am – 5:00pm

Tennis Court Usage Rules

  1. NO pets and NO wheeled apparatus (bikes, strollers, skates, etc.) are permitted on courts.
  2. Only non-marking court shoes allowed on the court.
  3. Reservations start on the hour. A member may sign up for only 1 hour/day and for only 2 hours for any 7-day period.
  4. Reservations may be made no more than 7 days in advance.
  5. Reservations expire 10 minutes past the hour. If play has not started on the court by then, another member has the right to use that court for the rest of the hour.
  6. Members may play as often as desired without a reservation when a court is available.
  7. Noise on the tennis courts must be kept at a neighborly level. Leave nothing on the courts. Remove your tennis balls, cans, trash, etc.
  8. Glass containers are never permitted on the tennis courts.

Buildings and Grounds

Members are asked to recognize that the shrubbery, parking area, and grounds are all part of the Club property. Please take care not to injure, deface, or litter the grounds.

The Club shall not be responsible for loss or damage of personal property. Do not bring personal property and/or valuables to the pool or tennis courts. There are no secured checking facilitiesClothes may be hung in the dressing rooms if desired. The Club assumes no responsibility, and members, their dependents, or their guests can have no claim against the Club for personal property and/or valuables that have been brought onto or left on the Club premises.

Members shall reimburse the Club for any damage done to its property by the member, their dependents, and/or their guests.


No alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, or weapons of any kind are permitted on Club-owned property.

Food and beverages may be consumed within a designated area inside the pool fence. The designated roped off area is nearest the concessions area by the fence and has tables set for members and their guests. No glass containers of any kind will be permitted on Club grounds.

During Club-sponsored adult functions, the Club may serve beer and wine.

Any member of the Club or his/her guest who, in the opinion of the Pool Management, is intoxicated or disorderly will be asked to leave the Club premises and will be subject to such penalty as the Board of Directors imposes.


Radios, tape, and/or CD players, iPods/iPhones etc. are permitted to be used on the Club-owned property as long as headphones are used. No amplified or broadcast media is permitted.

No Dumping

Yard waste, tree trimmings, construction materials, masonry, debris, or trash of any kind may not be left on, deposited on or dumped on Club property (including in the dumpsters) or in the adjoining alleys and/or roadways. The Board may impose penalties including fines to cover the cost of remediation, suspension and/or termination of membership.


For health reasons, no pets of any kind will be permitted on the grounds belonging to the Club at any time. This includes areas outside the pool enclosure. This restriction is mandated by the Montgomery County Health Department and will be strictly enforced.  Pursuant to the Club’s bylaws, the Pool Manager may suspend an offender’s privilege of using Club facilities for a period not to exceed 24 hours if a pet is brought onto the grounds of the Club. For repeat offenders, the full Board may suspend members’ privileges for a period at its own discretion.


We encourage members to walk or bike to the Club.

The Club operates as a special exception (called “conditional use”) under the zoning laws of Montgomery County. These restrictions are part of the Club’s operating agreement with Montgomery County and violation of them may subject the Club to the risk of severe penalties including cancellation of our right to operate.

Pool members and their guests are not permitted to park on Glen Cove Parkway, Allan Terrace, Baltimore Avenue, or Little Falls Drive in order to use the Club’s facilities (see map below). This parking restriction is in effect at all times when the facility is open, including during swim and dive meets, playing tennis, or attending Club social events. The Club will strictly enforce these restrictions and a member’s violation will result in sanctions in accordance with the enforcement procedures set forth below.

No parking at any time on these streets

Club members and their guests may park in the Westbrook Elementary School parking lot; while school is still in session parking in the Westbrook Elementary School lot by members and their guests is not permitted. Please note that a Member’s guests are bound by this parking policy, and penalties may be imposed on a member whose guest has violated this condition.

Parking on the other streets (not in blue) by Club members in order to use the Club’s facilities is permitted only during the following events and only when the Club’s parking lot and the Westbrook Elementary School parking lot are both full. Little Falls members must park in the Westbrook Elementary School parking lot during swim and dive meets until that lot is full, leaving the Club’s parking lot for visitors, with two exceptions: (i) Club members whose vehicles display a handicapped tag or license plate may park in the Little Falls lot; and (ii) Club members whose vehicles are needed to transport equipment necessary for swim and dive meets. Only up to five vehicles belonging to Club members may be parked in the Little Falls lot for that purpose.

  1. Swim Meets (A and B meets)
  2. Dive Meets
  3. Swim and Dive Team Banquet
  4. Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day picnics
  5. Evening dinner socials sponsored by the Club (three times per season)

Members and Guests are asked not to park on Baltimore Avenue between Glen Cove Parkway and Montgomery Avenue; on both blocks of Glen Cove Parkway; or on the portion of Allan Terrace adjacent to and opposite the elementary school playground and playing fields. Members and Guests may be asked to register their vehicle information at the Front Desk when they check-in. Members who are cited for parking violations shall be subject to suspension of Club privileges.

Sanitary Conditions and Safety

Members should recognize that situations will arise that cannot be specifically covered by these rules. Therefore, courtesy and consideration for others are emphasized as essential for good Club citizenship.

The Pool Management has the authority to enforce safety regulations and to maintain good order. At the discretion of the Pool Management, an offender may be asked to leave the pool and/or deck area.

Use of the pool

According to Montgomery County Health Department Regulations, before entering the pool, Members and Guests must take soap showers.

No member shall knowingly enter the pool, or permit a child or guest to do so, while such persons are suffering from contagious diseases, such as athlete’s foot or colds, or while suffering from open wounds or sores. No bandages or band-aids may be worn in the pool.

Running and hazardous, noisy, or objectionable games are prohibited. No throwing or pushing people into the pool is allowed.

Pool and Deck Wear

No one in street shoes may be on the swimming pool apron for an extended period of time.

Street clothes or modifications (such as cutoffs) will not be permitted as swimming wear.

No Smoking

Smoking will not be allowed on Club property. Additionally, pool users and employees are strictly prohibited from smoking in the alley abutting the Club, or on private property abutting the alley (Montgomery County Board of Appeals, June 8, 2005.)  Members who are cited for smoking violations shall be subject to suspension of Club privileges.

Use of Swimming Aids and Other Pool Items

– Masks, snorkels and swim fins will be permitted only at the discretion of the Pool Manager or lifeguards.

– Kick boards, noodles, and similar flotation toys are not permitted during regular swimming hours in the pool. Water wings, life rings, and flotation devices (including flotation devices sewn into bathing suits) are safety hazards and will not be allowed in the main pool, except as approved safety devices for disabled swimmers. Non-swimmers must not swim unaccompanied beyond their capabilities. Kick boards may only be used in the lap lanes or during swim lessons.

Lost and Found

Lost articles are collected and stored at the front desk; those items not claimed within one week will be donated to a charity.

Social Gatherings

Little Falls Swimming Club allows members to use the facilities for birthday parties and other special events. The Board and pool management want members and their guests to feel welcome, and to have a happy and safe time at parties, while respecting the rights of other members to enjoy their regular use of the pool.

The following policies apply to any situation where there are gatherings of 10 or more members and guests. To ensure that the pool has adequate staffing, requests must be received at least 7 days in advance by submitting an online party request form. If such notice is not given, or if the pool management determines that the request will result in overcrowded conditions based on the time of day, day of the week, or number of other scheduled guests, the request may be denied and/or the group may be turned away. Check the pool calendar for conflicts before submitting your request. In resolving conflicts, the rule of “first come, first served” will be applied, so plan ahead! Date and space availability is not guaranteed until we confirm your request.

The limit for the number of party guests is 25 people, including chaperones and hosts. As a general rule, class parties are not allowed at the pool. If the party is for a child under 10, there must be at least 1 adult chaperone for every 5 children. The member having the party is responsible for inquiring and determining whether any of the guests are not water safe and any such children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times. To be water safe, a child must be able to swim one length of the pool and be able to tread water for one minute.

If non-member names are not known when the request is submitted, not less than a week before the party, send a complete list of invited non-members to AND also provide a written list of all guests when checking in the day of the event (to speed up check-in). You will only be charged for those who attend. Guest passes are required for each non-member attendee so be certain to purchase Daily Guest Passes in advance. The guards will have the attendee list and can check-in non-members without the member needing to be present if enough Guest Pass credits are in the member account, or they will be charged to your account.

The grills are available for cooking at parties, but only adults may use them. Remember that food can be consumed only in the designated eating areas. It is the responsibility of the party host to inform all guests of this rule. The party host is responsible for thoroughly cleaning up the area after the conclusion of the party.