Thank you to everyone who attended the member Annual Meeting. We had a productive “virtual” meeting thanks to the Board members who prepared thorough presentations and our members who provided thoughtful input.

We thank everyone who ran for the LFSC Board–it was a truly an impressive slate of candidates. The new Board members are Fred Atwood, Lara Goldmark, Kara Maciel, and Phil Petrilli. We thank them, in advance, for their service. We’re fortunate that Dave Cutitta is returning for a second term and joining other returning Board members Julian Kim, Nancy La Vigne, Maren Matal, Cynthia Morton, Cathy Stocker, and Chris Terry. We look forward to hitting the ground running to prepare for a safe and fun 2021 pool season.

We are also grateful to the 125 members who voted in this year’s election, representing 33% of the overall membership. The vote for keeping the 2021 season dues across all membership and guest categories to remain the same as in 2020 was approved by 97% of the voters.


Tennis Court Policies

The lock combinations will be changed on the first of each month. You must be logged into your account to view the padlock combination code. Your LFSC tennis court pass should be placed in the holder at the court showing you are entitled to play. Please do not share tennis court passes or the lock...   Read More »


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