If you have to drive to the pool, please be sure to abide by county Parking Restrictions

Please upload photos of your family members and your contact info is up to date

Please log into your pool account to make sure the emails are up-to-date for all adults so that you will receive notifications from the pool. Please use a personal email rather than a work address. Add Admin@LittleFallsSwimmingClub.com to your contacts so that messages do not land in your spam filter. This is how we communicate with you during the season. To avoid delays at check-in, make sure everyone has a photo uploaded. Check that birth dates are correct as well as all other member information.

Snacks and Concessions – our preference is Venmo or credit card, but we accept cash too


Racquet/Pickleball News

Pickleball League A group of clubs in the area is forming a co-ed adult pickleball league and Little Falls has been invited to enter a team. The league is modeled on the men’s and women’s tennis leagues. Matches will take place on Sunday evenings from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Each match against another club...   Read More »

Tennis Court Policies & Teams

See the Tennis webpage for important rules and etiquette for using the tennis courts. Tennis Teams  ...   Read More »


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