Weekly Reservation Periods open at 9:00am Saturday for the following week (Sunday-Saturday).

Week 3 (Sun 7/5-Sat 7/11) Reservations Now Open

Eligible users: Login first then select link to make reservations

Thank you for your feedback and support as we continue to learn and adjust from our initial two-weeks. For Week Three, we will continue with reserving 1-hour blocks during the daily open sessions and 30-minute blocks for the early morning M-F lap swim sessions. In addition, we are opening up the intermediate pool and diving well for non-lap swimming during that time (you must reserve these spots but they will not count towards your 7 reservation limit). The two Adult Only swim hours will remain (Noon-1:00pm Tuesday and 7:00pm-8:00pm Thursday).  Both of these will appear as separate “Facilities” in the drop-down list in the upper left of the Reservation Screen.

Please continue to listen to the lifeguards and be patient and gentle with one another. It is a difficult and challenging time. Our wonderful community has shown a focus on taking care of each other and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Together we are making our pool a place of respite, peace, community, and health for us all.

With gratitude,
The Little Falls Swimming Club Board

The Basics

  • Sunday, July 5, begins week three of the Trial Phase, see the Reservations Rules and Procedures section below for details.
  • Each person has a maximum of 7 reservation spots for the week.
  • All open swim sessions are now 1-hour blocks, the capacity for each remains at 60 people.
  • Early bird (6:30am-8:00am) sessions will continue to be for lap-swimming and limited to the 8 lap lane capacity.  The time slots will be broken 30-min blocks. A separate non-lap swim option for the diving well and/or intermediate pool has been added during that time period (it must also be reserved, but will not count towards the 7 reservation limit).
  • Everyone must make a reservation in order to come to the pool.
  • The entrance and exit to and from the pool is ONE-WAY. CHECK-IN AND ENTER at the gate by the main entrance. EXIT out the gate by the pump room/pool sheds.
  • Be familiar with and follow the new rules and procedures. (See the Staying Safe section below for details.)

The Reservation Rules and Procedures
Making Reservations

  • When signing up for a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to the letter and spirit of the Little Falls Pledge, which can be found at the end of this note.
  • You will sign up to reserve your household slots by logging into your account at LittleFallsSwimmingClub.com. The reservation site works well on mobile devices and any browser except Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • A link to the reservation system is prominently displayed at the top of the home page and on the “Make Reservation” option at the top of the purple navigation bar on the left-side. Click either to get to the Reservation screen.
  • The Reservation screen will appear with a calendar. Click on the “Facility” (time frames-see next bullet) in the upper left of that screen just above the calendar to select which of the options you would to reserve a spot. If needed, click on the blue “SELECT A WEEK” button at the top of the screen to get to the week beginning Sunday, July 5.  You will then see a weekly schedule (Sun to Sat) with available sessions. Sessions with open space will have a green left border, full sessions will have a red border, those close to full will be yellow. Hovering over a session with your cursor will display available slots.
  • The four “Facilities” (time-slot sessions) for the coming week will be:
    • Adult Swim Only (55+) – Tuesday Noon-1:00pm and Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm
    • Daily Open Swim – Sunday, 11am-9pm & Mon-Sat, Noon-9:00pm (1 hour blocks)
    • Lap Swim Only (1 per lane/8 lanes) – Monday-Friday, 6:30am-8:00am (30 minute blocks).
    • NEW! – NON-LAP swim option during early-bird for the diving well/intermediate pool.
  • One-hour spots will be available from Noon-9:00pm each day and 11:00-Noon on Sundays. 30-minute lap swim spots will be available from 6:30am-8:00am, Monday-Friday.
  • When you click on an open time session, a list of your household members will appear. Click the boxes next to each household member you want to reserve for this session (each counts towards their individual allocation).
  • Remember, each member of your household may reserve up to 7 spots each. Please do not sign up for spots unless you know you will use them. No-shows will still count towards the 7 max reservations.
  • You may arrive and leave anytime within your reserved time period. If you would like to wait until most people have checked in before you arrive, that is fine. You will not lose your spot.
  • Every block of time counts as one reservation, whether it is a 30-minute block or a one-hour block.
  • At this time, household members cannot share each other’s allocation of 7 reservations.
  • You may reserve up to 2 consecutive time-slot sessions per day. At this time, you may not book more than two blocks for Saturday or Sunday.
  • We will be auditing member household sign-ups. If we find that people are not complying with the reservation restrictions, we reserve the right to cancel reservations.
  • Household members can only make reservations for themselves. You may not make reservations for your friends or friends of your kids.

Managing Reservations

  • To change or cancel a reservation once it is made please go to “Cancel a Reservation” on the purple navigation bar at the left on the home page. (You can also get there from the Membership section further down on the purple navigation bar and then select the “Manage Account” option).
  • My Reservations” tab is to the right of the blue dashboard bar that appears on the screen. Selecting that will display the reservations made for your household.
  • If you think there is a chance that family members may be unable to use a reservation, we recommend making separate reservations for each person. The system currently cancels the reservation for an entire family but will be updated to allow for individual cancellations.
  • Important: You must cancel reservations. No-shows will count towards your allocation. 

Staying Safe

  • You must wear a mask unless you are sitting in your household member seat, entering or exiting the pool, or in the pool.
  • Please respect social distancing guidelines.
  • Please be respectful and attentive to the lifeguards and managers.
  • Please be attentive to all signage and directions. Please follow directions for entering and exiting the pool. We will be entering one gate and exiting from another.
  • Household members will sit in a household-member-only seating area. If you wish, you may bring your own chairs. You may bring wipes to wipe down your chair before and after use.
  • An adult must accompany children younger than 12-years old in their household. Children from another member household may join a different household if both households agree (at this time we are limiting it to only two households per one adult chaperone).
  • You may NOT bring any guests and Daily Guest Passes may not be used (they will remain on your account for future seasons). If you need to add a Caregiver to your account from the website Menu, please select Membership, Make a Payment.
  • Unfortunately, the baby pool is closed, per state and county guidelines.
  • Lap swimming will be available during our normal recreational swimming blocks and the number of lanes will be adjusted in response to demand. One lap swimmer per lane is allowed.
  • There can be no shared equipment at the pool so bring your own noodles, kickboards, etc.
  • Please remember to keep track of all of your personal items; we cannot store any forgotten clothing or towels at the pool. There will be no lost and found shelf this year – anything left at closing will be discarded.
  • There will be no food allowed in the pool at this time. No food or drinks will be sold at the pool at this time. Please bring a water bottle only. We will announce when we can ease restrictions on bringing food.
  • Showers will NOT be available; please shower at home before coming to the pool.
  • 15 minutes before the end of a reservation block will be reserved for adult swim and cleaning. Families will be asked to quickly exit the pool so that lifeguards can prepare for the next session.


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