Buildings and Grounds

Members are asked to recognize that the shrubbery, parking area and grounds are all part of the Club property.  Please take care not to injure, deface or litter the grounds.


No alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs or weapons of any kind are permitted on property owned by the Club.

Food and beverages may be consumed within a designated area inside the pool fence. The designated roped off area is nearest the storeroom by the fence and has tables set up for members and their guests. No glass containers of any kind will be permitted on Club grounds.

During Club-sponsored adult functions, the Club may serve beer and wine.

Any member of the Club or his/her guest who, in the opinion of the Pool Management, is intoxicated or disorderly will be asked to leave the Club premises and will be subject to such penalty as the Board of Directors imposes.


Radios, tape and/or CD players, iPods/iPhones etc. are permitted to be used on the property owned by the Club as long as headphones are used. No amplified or broadcast media is permitted.

No dumping

Yard waste, tree trimmings, construction materials, masonry, debris, or trash of any kind may not be left on, deposited on or dumped on Club property (including in the dumpsters) or in the adjoining alleys and/or roadways. The Board may impose penalties including fines to cover the cost of remediation, suspension and/or termination of membership.


For health reasons, no pets of any kind will be permitted on the grounds belonging to the Club at any time. This includes areas outside the pool enclosure.  This restriction is mandated by the Montgomery County Health Department and will be strictly enforced.  Pursuant to the Club’s bylaws, the Pool Manager may suspend an offender’s privilege of using Club facilities for a period not to exceed 24 hours if a pet is brought onto the grounds of the Club.  For repeat offenders, the full Board may suspend members’ privileges for a period at its own discretion.


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