All persons using Little Falls Swim and Tennis Club’s pool, tennis courts, parking lot and grounds (collectively the “Club”) do so at their own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility, and members, their dependents and/or their guests can have no claim against the Club for an accident or injury to any persons or property.

The Board reminds Club members and their guests that access to the club grounds is not permitted through private properties which abut the Club grounds to the south. Access to the Club is via the vehicular/pedestrian bridge from Little Falls Drive, the pedestrian bridge from Glen Cove or along the alleyway from Greenway Drive only.

After hours, the Club is closed and may not be used or accessed by anyone including members. The Club is monitored by video surveillance, staff, and the police. Trespassers will be prosecuted. In addition to criminal penalties that may apply, any member (including the member’s family, house guests and/or guests) caught entering or attempting to enter the pool enclosure or tennis courts outside of the noted Hours of Operation may, at the Board’s sole discretion, temporarily or permanently lose membership privileges.

During swim hours all members entering the Club’s pool enclosure shall register every time through the Club’s electronic or written Pool Attendance Log (members) at the front desk. All guests accompanying members will be registered at the same time.

The Club shall not be responsible for loss or damage of personal property. Do not bring personal property and/or valuables to the pool or tennis courts. There are no secured checking facilities. Clothes may be hung in the dressing rooms if desired. The Club assumes no responsibility, and members, their dependents, or their guests can have no claim against the Club for personal property and/or valuables that have been brought onto or left on the Club premises.

Members shall reimburse the Club for any damage done to its property by the member, their dependents, and/or their guests.

Children who have not reached their 7th birthday must be supervised by someone age 14 or older who must accompany and remain with the child at all times.

Children ages 7, 8, and 9 must be supervised by someone age 14 or older who accompanies and remains with the child at all times, unless:

  • The parent or guardian has filled out and returned the required permission form; and
  • The child has passed the 2016 tadpole test administered by a Club lifeguard.

Children over the age of 10 may come to the pool without supervision. However the child must pass the Club lifeguard-administered 2016 tadpole test to use the pool.

All Guests using the pool, regardless of age, may be asked to take a lifeguard-administered swim test before using the pool. If a Guest opts out of the test, s/he may not use the main pool or diving well.

The Club may from time to time administer additional swimming proficiency tests to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Subject to the front desk attendants’ discretion, non-members in street clothes will be admitted into the pool enclosure for up to 10 minutes to pick up members in their care.

The Club will bill members $25.00 to cover the cost of each check returned for insufficient funds.

Names and telephone numbers of the Board of Directors will be posted inside the pool gate. Also refer to the online listing of Board Members and Board roles.

The Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, or any Board member shall have the authority to close the pool and/or tennis courts, or any other facility, when in his or her opinion this is necessary in the interest of safety.

Pool Management shall have the authority to enforce health and safety regulations and to maintain good order.  This shall include the authority to discipline and/or eject offenders from Club property. Lifeguards will enforce suspensions against unruly children, which can last one day or can be extended for longer than one day with the Club’s Board approval.


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