Sign up for Little Falls Listserv

You can sign up here: little-falls-pool listserv

(Scroll down to section “Email Addresses” to subscribe, unsubscribe or post a message)

* You only need a Yahoo account

* You can have messages delivered to any email address

You can select any of the four following email delivery options:

a. Individual Email – The option to choose if you want to get each group message and special notice individually and immediately, as it is posted.

b. Daily Digest – The option to choose if you want to see all messages but limit the amount of email you receive. We’ll compile an email of up to 25 messages and send daily (special notices too!).

c. Special Notices – Receive only important email notices from the group moderator.

d. Web Only – Don’t get notified of the latest happenings. Read messages only on the web.


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