Sanitary Conditions and Safety

Members should recognize that situations will arise that cannot be specifically covered by these rules. Therefore, courtesy and consideration for others are emphasized as essential for good Club citizenship.

The Pool Management has the authority to enforce health and safety regulations and to maintain good order. At the discretion of the Pool Management, an offender may be asked to leave the pool and/or deck area.

Use of the pool

According to Montgomery County Health Regulations, before entering the pool, members and guests must take soap showers.

No member shall knowingly enter the pool, or permit a child or guest to do so, while such persons are suffering from contagious diseases, such as athlete’s foot or colds, or while suffering from open wounds or sores. No bandages or band-aids may be worn in the pool.

Running and hazardous, noisy, or objectionable games are prohibited. No throwing or pushing people into the pool is allowed.

Pool and deck wear

No one in street shoes may be on the swimming pool apron for an extended period of time.

Street clothes or modifications (such as cutoffs) will not be permitted as swimming wear.


No smoking will be allowed on Club property.  Additionally, pool users and employees are strictly prohibited from smoking in the alley abutting the Club, or on private property abutting the alley (Montgomery County Board of Appeals, June 8, 2005.)

Smoking Violation Sanctions

First violation of the season: The member will be sent a written notice from the Board President; Second Violation of the season: The member’s and his/her family’s Club privileges may be suspended; the member will be notified in writing by the Board President.

Use of swimming aids and other pool items

– Masks, snorkels and swim fins will be permitted only at the discretion of the Pool Manager or lifeguards.

– Kick boards, noodles and similar flotation toys are not permitted during regular swimming hours in the pool. Water wings, life rings, and flotation devices (including flotation devices sewn into bathing suits) are safety hazards and will not be allowed in the main pool, except as approved safety devices for disabled swimmers. Non-swimmers must not swim unaccompanied beyond their capabilities. Kick boards may only be used in the lap lanes or during swim lessons.

Lost and Found

Lost articles are collected and stored at the front desk; those items not claimed within one week will be donated to a charity.


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